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JJ GALLEGOS (@jjgallegos)

Undiagnosed - sjrogrens, lupus?

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Hi JJ. I too for many years kept saying something was wrong. It wasn’t until 2007, when the doctors did an ANA panel ( blood test) where they found I had sjogrens. Sjogrens is an autoimmune disorder. I have to live with dry eyes, mouth, dry skin, and a cough. I am in pain everyday, some days more than others. This disease effects every part of your body, starting from head to toe. This symptom does not show up right away until it progresses. This disease is mild for some and severe for others. I have only experienced twice where my body locked and I had no power to walk or roll out of bed. In other words I froze. I do experience depression, but on the days I feel better I feel I can continue with normal activities.

I don’t have any recommendations to share but I am trying to keep a log of the things that increase my symptoms. Be persistent and don’t give up. Take care.

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Do you take magnesium ? It does help to have energy may help leave some of the pain. Plus you will that you make sleep better at night. It a nature vitamin that get from food, but your could be lacking in it. I have thyroid problem and peas only taking 250 I.U. a day . But for over year
I have been real tired and sluggish with no energy
and not sleeping well. So friend told me to increase my magnesium three times a day. I only do two right now but I see a different in my sleeping , muscle and breathing plus my body dose ache! Sometime are bodies are low on nature vitamins we normally get in our foods. Good luck hope you feel better.


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