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Are you in the process of a forced relocation? As in moving from a long-time home to a much smaller place in the same community, or actually leaving geographically? For myself, the latter would be more difficult - my roots in my community span 5 generations, from grandparents through grandchildren. I travel, have always traveled, but I would be heartbroken to not have my familiar community. The house itself is just a building it doesn't mean so much, as long as I am near beloved people & places.

I understand the difficulty of getting rid of possessions for some people, but to me the difference between things and knowledge/memories is similar to the difference between community & a building. Perhaps because I grew up with few personal possessions? When I left home, everything I owned fit in one box and 2 suitcases.

Are you relocating to be with/near loved ones, or for a different reason? Is it possible to photograph those things that cannot go with you, and place them in an album you can look at?

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Thanks for your reply. Not really being forced, but strongly advised, with constant pressure. My relatives want me to move closer, and I would do that, if I could find what we want. They keep telling me you must downsize. That;s what people do at your age. I have never done "what people do." My "lifestyle" is my work and related activities, including travel. We have always lived healthy, sensible, and reasonable. So I see no reason to change. My relatives are almost saying it is sinful not to give away possessions and scale down the size of the house etc etc.