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Chronic Subjective Dizziness-CSD

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I’ve had it eight years, following a concussion and then sinus polyps with infection.
I’ve read it called Migraine-Associated Vertigo, which doesn’t require a headache and isn’t ruled out just because migraine drugs didn’t work.
QUESTION TO ALL WHO HAVE THIS: Do you ever have high readings of Eosinophils in blood tests? (It’s a theory I’m working on…)

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I am having what is described as CSD. After increasing detailed computer data entry type work, I began having frequent dizzy spells that come and go all day. I also have unexplained high eosinophil counts in blood work. No cause is found, and then it just goes away for a while.

That’s interesting. Since I posted this a few months ago, I have found that there is a syndrome caused by an incorrect immune response to biotoxins. This can include things like Lyme disease and ciguatera from fish, but most commonly is from a reaction to molds that grow in buildings that are water damaged. It is not mold allergy, nor is it “toxic mold” that you hear about it. There are numerous molds that can cause it, and they all grow out of control in nice air-conditioned environments when there’s water leakage. It’s not an allergy, it’s an innate immune dysfunction.
Irate as I get about subjective diagnoses, the nice part about this syndrome is that there are definitive blood tests to check for the immune responses that are a part of it. There are 9 blood tests, and the most that normal ppl will test positive for is 3 (it’s usually 0 or 1), and the fewest that people with Biotoxin Illness will have is 4, but it’s usually more. I had 7.
The syndrome affects multiple systems in the body, so it’s not “in your head” and you aren’t a hypochondriac. Dizziness, vertigo, headaches, and symptoms typically associated with migraine are all part of it.
The nice part is that it’s quite treatable, they have had tremendous success. The technical name for it is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), but it’s also known as Biotoxin Illness.
This site is very good for understanding the syndrome: http://www.survivingmold.com/diagnosis
The site was made by the parents of some children who had the disease and were treated successfully, and they wanted to help others. There’s no magic snake oil formula to buy, it’s a treatment protocol that uses drugs very commonly used for other diseases.
The first step is to get out of the water-damaged building. 60% of patients feel better just from that. The next step is to take a medicine called Cholestyramine, which is a cholestrol medicine originally but binds to the mold fragments circulating in the blood/bile that stimulate the incorrect immune response.
I have improved greatly since starting this therapy. I am rarely dizzy any more.
Good luck to everyone, feel free to reply/msg me if you want more info.

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