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Chronic Subjective Dizziness-CSD

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I feel your pain brother. I was at Mayo last nov.,and diagnosed with CSD. Mine started 27 mos. ago. I too had numerous tests and scans by a variety of specialists before heading to Mayo. They believe it first started out with migraines over a period of years. Then in March of 2010, I came down with what my pcp thought was an ear infection. I struggled the next few wks with intermitant dizziness but was still able to work. Then came the boatloads of anxiety. It came in unpredictable waves so strong that I could not drive or be driven for several mos. For the next year and a half, I was put on 10 or 12 different meds. including anti-depressants and anti-seizure types. Not one helped and often made me feel worse. I too use a small daily regimin of anxiety med (benzodiazapine). This does not cure or eradicate the symptoms, but rather settles them a little. Aside from the personal and professional ramifications, the hardest thing is to get the local doc’s to take an interest in understanding this illness and the possibility of emerging treatment. Sorry to be longwinded, I was just curious if your situation was the same. Would love to hear from you or anyone else similar experience’s. Best of luck.

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At this point I don’t think the doctor’s know what to do with me other than take the anxiety medication. Fortunately I have been able to drive alright, sitting is definately better than walking. Weather also seems to make a difference. It gets worse on days when weather fronts are moving in, probably the barometric pressure affecting the inner ear is my guess. There sure seem to be a lot of variables to this problem.

Of the anxiety medication, which one and the dosage are you taking. Just wonder if I should inquire about a longer lasting one instead of the alprazolam ?

I was taking Ativan until January of this year (2012), but it didn’t last very long. I now take Clonazepam 0.5mg which lasts longer. I split the tablet in half and take .25mg when I get up in the morning and again eight hours later. I take the smaller amounts to reduce the sleepiness it causes.

Your note really hits home with me…as I suffer from CSD as well. The weather changes wreak havoc on me!

p.s. I have chronic sinus issues too…..like you said…LOTS of variables!

I too have sinus problems which probably makes this worse and may even be the original culprit for this. I think a virus infection I had when this all started messed up my vestibular system. I’ve been for the last couple years using a nasal saline rinse once a day which has helped with some of the sinus issues.

Does the clonazepam work and are u able to take to every day? My dizziness is unbearable especially with the change in weather. Ive dealt with this for years and im desperate! I take ativan right now, is clon better for allevieting dizziness?

I went to mayo and had same diagnosis. Nome of my local docs get it and treat me like im nutz.

I don’t know about the clonazepam, I use a small amount of xanax. It seems to cut down on the dizziness, but does not totally take it away. I have not noticed a change in symptoms that coinsides with the weather but I’ll check that. As my post above says, I’ve been dealing with this going on 3 yrs now. Is your situation similar? Which mayo did you go to? Who did you see? Thanks, hope to hear fom you soon.

Clonazepam is related to Ativan. It pretty much does the same thing for me, but lasts twice as long. I’ve been splitting a 0.5mg tablet in two and taking each half about eight hours apart. Taking a full tablet twice a day makes me too tired. I’ve been doing this every day for about a year now.

I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

Clonazepam is shown particularly effective among the benzo’s in fighting migraine, which is what this probably is.

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