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Here is some information, just a bit, but it might be helpful. If only to add more context to conversations.
This is from the NIH
It shows there is benefit in some cases of chemo with lobular cancer. That high oncotype number is the difference in this context. I hope you are able to have a second opinion and you have the right to put off chemo an extra week to get it and feel comfortable with your plan, but please don’t wait too long.
Are you currently scheduled for that second opinion?

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I have a second opinion scheduled at MSKCC the day after they want to put the port in. I want to put that all off for one week, but that makes me nervous. I am guessing one week, in the grand scheme of things would be okay. I would be 9 weeks post-op when I start instead of 8.

Thank you for the article, I will read that for sure! Oncotype I also read isn't a good predictor with lobular, so many conflicting studies make it hard, or maybe I am just looking for a way out of chemo, lol.

Is it true that lobular can spread without being in nodes? My problem is only one node was taken as that is the only one that took dye, so not real good stats with that being negative either.