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Yes i am now going to see my primary care doc…Had you read in my post he also is treating my anxiety and worsening depression and is my meds doc for my symptoms….When you sit in a chair for 30 minutes 5 days a week for 6 weeks….You talk and things come up….Like when i had covid…Also the fact that i never had anxiety before and i am exhausted and winded from just normal activities….So yes he suggested i see my primary doc to rule out other causes.
Pardon me for not being well versed on something i didn't know exsisted till a couple months ago!.

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I was responding to your following (s) statements.
"My Meds doc at the TMS and mental health center wants me to see primary care doctor to rule out other issues."
My question is…"How do i approach my primary care doctor besides telling him the obvious?"
So I understood you were not well-versed and there is nothing to be apologetic for. Just that being told you have long covid means literally nothing, and that I would strongly advise based on knowing and hearing from quite a few "long covid" patients that you seek out a doc that has other patients suffering from chronic symptoms and shows an interest in your case/situation from that perspective.

This long COVID is real. We all know more about ourselves than any Dr. Ever could. You are doing great advocating for yourself! Being here communicating with each other is helpful! I got it before they were calling it COVID. Drs want to toss me around specialist to specialist. Want to medicate
I cut out all Pharma and alcohol a year ago. Working on healthy lifestyle!!!
My symptoms have morphed throughout my body
My healthiest in time was cranial sacral and lymph drain massage
My therapist died during COVID. I for the last three months have had unmanageable diarrhea. Colonoscopy next week. Be your best advocate. Do you research