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What’s the science on diet and MGUS/SMM?

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Thank you, Sue. You are correct in your characterization that I am a reader. I find the information about this is certainly all over the place. I have this on my list to discuss with my hem/onc doc in October when I next go in.
The dominoes can certainly fall precariously when one makes changes like adding supplements. I always err to the side of caution.
I agree about the FB groups. So much bad information. When one particularly insistent individual pontificated at length with great authority, he was asked if he is a physician. He replied that he is not, but has “studied medicine” all his life. 🙄
I am just a fly on the wall. I will always consult my provider. I do like to be as informed as possible so I don’t waste either of our time.
You provided good information. Thanks.

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You said, "He replied that he is not, but has “studied medicine” all his life. 🙄" My kids say "He got his degree at Google U"

If you want to dive into a really deep ocean of more scientific information, you can try searching at google.scholar.com Here is an example of what I found by using the words MGUS and curcumin:

I like to try to help others, especially if their doctor has given them next to no guidance or information on their condition or test results, even though I do not feel as comfortable as many in interpreting test results. It's so nice to see people doing their own homework at reliable places, which is what I have always done before I ever "pontificate" or comment on a topic, or start any "therapy" or diet myself. When it comes to diet and supplements, each person should make their own decisions based on their body and their diagnosis and risk level. I am a strong advocate of consulting with specialists before changing what you eat or ingest as supplements if you have any kind of active disease. That is why I spoke with my MGUS/MM expert at Mayo Clinic yesterday for 45 minutes. For me anyhow, he felt my diet and supplements were fine and could not hurt – and might help.

As with everything else, we all have free choice to do as we wish as far as diet, weight control, smoking, alcohol intake, and many other things, including who we trust as our doctor. Some people listen to their neighbors or random people online to make very serious decisions or judgments. I am not one of those people. I have three doctors who know me and my health quite well whom I trust. I always ask their opinions before changing anything in my diet or lifestyle that might affect what has now become a much more serious diagnosis and future. When I post articles/videos on social media they are always from men and women or organizations (National Cancer Society for example), who are very well respected experts in their fields. Again, the viewer/reader can believe what they say or suggest or not.