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Hi @frenchie333, I have one of the first Kardia mobile devices and upgraded to the six lead Kardia mobile device. Pretty sure you can share the same device but would have to each have a Kardia mobile account on your separate mobile device. Here's some info that talks about it...

"Can two people share a Kardia?
If you wish to have another person use the Kardia Mobile device, have them set up the Kardia app on their smartphone/tablet or log out of your account on the Kardia app so that they can log in to their account on the Kardia app. The Kardia Mobile device can be used with more than one Kardia account and/or smart device."
-- User Manual for Kardia™ by AliveCor®:

I started using the Kardia app on my iPhone with my Apple iWatch 6. It is a little easier that using the six lead Kardia mobile device that has the 2 pads on top and you hold it on your knee or ankle. You can also use it with two leads with just your fingers. My Apple watch just shows that I have sinus rhythm where when I use the Kardia device most of the time it shows I have Sinus with Supraventricular Ectopy (SVE). I took it in and let my PCP look at it but they really weren't concerned. I was more concerned with an AFib reading that pops up once in awhile. I also have neuropathy in my legs and fingers so I've always wondered if that plays a part in the readings.

I wouldn't totally rely on the device but I think it can give you some comfort. I would discuss it with your doctor just to see if they have any thoughts or may be able to provide a baseline if you buy one.

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It was my Apple Watch that recorded my worst bout of A-Fib. My heart was running at 161 bpm. The watch recorded it several times. I was able to print out the EKG report from my IPhone and bring it to my Cardiologist. He was blown away by the technology. I’m now on Eliquis…

John, Colleen knows me well because of the number of major health problems I have. Some are rare, others very rare, so I see a number of specialist. I’m going to explain my heart birth defect to you and others. For one, any person with a heart rhythm problem should be seen by a doctor who is a specialist, trained on the subject. That doctor is called an Electrophysiologist. Regular cardiologist have only limited knowledge on rhythm issues as I painfully found out. So because of my heart birth defect, my heart and me suffered the consequences for that lack of knowledge.

I was born with a bunch of rogue heart cells that are in the Right Atrial chamber. The SA Node in the upper right Atrial Chamber is the heart’s natural pacemaker that controls the speed of the heart beats. In the bottom of the right Atrial Chamber tucked in the bottom left corner is the AV Node. It’s purpose is to direct or command the chambers to pump. It’s the big boss or Commanding General. In my case, rogue (not normal) heart cells have created a separate pathway from the SA Node to the AV Node or a short circuit. So if a pulse beat gets into the short circuit, it just keeps going around and around causing my heart to go into Tachycardia. Since there is the normal pathway, my right Ventricle is commanded to pump by it too. My highest recorded is 197bpm.

To keep this short, my doctor implanted a $25,000 special loop heart recorder under my left breast. It is monitored 24/7 by Technicians out in Oregon and I’m in Pennsylvania. Then each day they report the results back here to my doctor. Because of the short circuit, I’ve experienced Tachycardia, Bradycardia, A-Fib, Spontaneous Blackouts, plus 3 heart attacks most of my 79 years on this planet. So if you have heart rhythm problems, you may want to get an appointment with a Electrophysiologist, a specialist on rhythm problems. I had the recorder implanted in August 2021 and it has caught a number or rhythm issues, just not correct problem. You see, in order to destroy all those rogue heart cells, they must map out every cell involved. Unfortunately, I have not experienced a long enough Tachycardia in the short circuit to map it correctly. So John, I just wanted to inform you and others that there is a qualified specialist that can help you. Oh, yeah, I’ve had several exterior monitors on my chest, including the wired halter kind and a Zio that’s glued to your skin. Got a 147 & 163bpm readings with the Zio.