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So here I am trying to make a decision regarding chemo treatment after an oncology meeting next week. The facts are single mastectomy for invasive carcinoma no specific type, grade 1 stage 1 ER PR positive, Her 2 negative, clean nodes and margins following surgery. I started on letrozole 2 months prior due to delays in scheduling and continue with minimal side effects. The Oncotype score of 28 is intermediate and surprised the oncologist. Does letrozole prior to surgery affect the Oncotype score? At 75, I am reluctant to have chemo when I consider all the positive results of my cancer. What to do now?

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@nlb122, how did the meeting with oncology go? I hope you got some clarity about letrozole prior to surgery and the Oncotype score. I would love to hear what you learned and what treatment decisions you made with your team.

I had IDC a grade 1, stage 1, 8mm tumor size and no lymph node involvement and my Oncotype came back as a 29 which also surprised us. Since it was so unexpected and was the outlier, I paid to have the Mammaprint test just to see what that test would show. It came back as low risk or recurrence. Then I find out after all of this two years later that I should have never had the Oncotype test because my tumor characteristics where never part of the TailorX trial which is the research study that is often referred to for the Oncotype. I did not do chemo after consults with 10 oncologists.