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Getting off of Seroquel

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I have bipolar and was using a low-dose of Seroquel (100-150mg) in addition to my regular meds (at the time, Latuda and Trileptal) for sleep. I realized after a period of time that it was no longer helping and made the decision to stop taking it. My doctor said that was fine. I did experience some rebound insomnia. The first night I was off it, I slept 3 hours. And felt more restored in those 3 hours than in 8 hours with it. I also gained 35 pounds. And I was doing a lot of caffeine to overcome the grogginess.

I now take melatonin and some hydroxyzine (can't do OTC benedryl). Like you, I feel like a new woman. I also take Omegas which can help stabilize mood. I did my thesis in my MS (nutrition) program on mental health diet. So much can be done there. For bipolar, a probiotic will help, as will the B-vitamins. But of course working with your doctor. I'm interested in the WRAP program.

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Please forgive me for zeroing in on one aspect only of your post – the Seroquel. You said you took 100-150 Seroquel for sleep. That's just how much I take and why.

When you said you gained 35 lbs did you mean before or after quitting it?

Thank you.