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Finding Out About Having Parkinson’s Disease

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Hi Teresa, It is difficult in this format to know exactly to whom you were addressing your question, but the movement disorder specialist I went to for a second opinion on my diagnosis did recommend that for the tremor dominant symptoms that I have so far that weaning off the Carbidopa/Levodopa and going back to Primidone would be the most effective treatment. I am now several weeks after making that transition and while I did see a slight initial reduction in the tremor, it really wasn't significant and the increases under stress are still there too.
I have a follow up appointment with him next week and I'll post if I learn anything that might be helpful.

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I appreciate the comments about your meds and the tremors @tedalmon. I'll be interested to hear how your follow-up appointment goes and if any changes are made to your meds.

You mentioned that it was difficult to know who is being addressed in a post. If you @mention a member by name (as I did in this post to you), that member will get a notification that you have posted to them. If you hit "Reply" under another member's post, they will also get a notification. I hope that helps in understanding the posting process.

In reading through your previous posts, I'm not sure that I know how long ago you were diagnosed with PD? In researching Primidone, I see that it is used for treating tremors, but PD is not mentioned. Do you still have a PD diagnosis?