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oh my. i am in a very similar state with a 6” loss. i am 59 years old. i have 10 compression fractures. and intermittent extreme costochondritis. i have a bloated, painful gut and am inexplicably underweight at 98 lbs for the last six months. i have had many GI tests and cancer screens showing nothing amiss or fixable. i agree that my gut is probably contorted due to spine compression. i eat similarly, with grain and nuts on hold now because i have severe daily migraines. (9 ER visits in less than two years). i eat four or five small meals/snacks daily. i wonder if i have adhesions, too. i went to the ER once because my stomach pain was so bad. i was using ice packs on my stomach many times a day for almost a month. it helps and i recommend this. i wish i knew why, while i eat well, with lots of ghee and butter and olive oil, and digestive enzymes, that i remain skeletal. my primary care dr literally told me to stop looking for the reason i feel so sick and weak and am so ‘malnourished’. my GI dr said he has done all the investigation possible for my weight loss and pain. that is really appalling. i will write more, but wanted to jump in with my similar status. my heart to you.

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I look forward to your writing more about your situation. Although I am 20 years older than you, I have a lot to learn.
I hadn't thought of an ice pack to reduce my abdominal pain – a chronic ache peppered with sharp pains at the base of my bloat and radiating to the back.
I'll try it. Now my solution is to rest in my recliner and take a little more acetaminophen as long as I don't risk liver damage.
But I am getting behind in everything but the necessities which take much more time due to my slowness.
Is your focus on butter, ghee and olive oil an attempt to regain your lost weight? Has it worked?