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Thanks for the response Amanda.
I believe most of my bloat is due to the obstipation and twisting of my body - mostly beyond my control. But you asked about gut health.
I question my choice to eat a plant based diet because the sources of of protein tend to be beans that are gassy.
I am eating down the bok choy, kale, kohlrabi, cabbage and other crucifers in my refrigerator that add to the gas. They will be partially replaced with spinach, beets & their greens, chard, carrots, peas, corn, celery , artichokes and other somewhat less nutritious vegetables.
I will chew my food more thoroughly before swallowing.
I will continue to get my carbs from quinoa, millet, red and sweet potatoes, nuts & seeds (protein) . I plan to add fish for protein. I avoid antibiotics and prepared foods. The pain is greater if I eat as much food as I did my first 79 years, so I will "graze".
I have been deleting and unsubscribing from doom and gloom emails.
I am open to suggestions.

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Replies to "Thanks for the response Amanda. I believe most of my bloat is due to the obstipation..."

oh my. i am in a very similar state with a 6” loss. i am 59 years old. i have 10 compression fractures. and intermittent extreme costochondritis. i have a bloated, painful gut and am inexplicably underweight at 98 lbs for the last six months. i have had many GI tests and cancer screens showing nothing amiss or fixable. i agree that my gut is probably contorted due to spine compression. i eat similarly, with grain and nuts on hold now because i have severe daily migraines. (9 ER visits in less than two years). i eat four or five small meals/snacks daily. i wonder if i have adhesions, too. i went to the ER once because my stomach pain was so bad. i was using ice packs on my stomach many times a day for almost a month. it helps and i recommend this. i wish i knew why, while i eat well, with lots of ghee and butter and olive oil, and digestive enzymes, that i remain skeletal. my primary care dr literally told me to stop looking for the reason i feel so sick and weak and am so ‘malnourished’. my GI dr said he has done all the investigation possible for my weight loss and pain. that is really appalling. i will write more, but wanted to jump in with my similar status. my heart to you.