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I am so, so sorry for all that you are going through with your knee replacement. About two years ago, I had my right knee replaced and my left knee is just as bad. It was recommended that I have that done also. My heart goes out to you for the stiffness and pain that you are suffering! I had the same problem with trying to get my leg straight and I was in PT for about 7-8 months. I had bad reactions to pain meds and could only take Tylenol. The pain was excruciating and like you, I just wish that I had never done it. To this day, my replaced knee does not feel as strong as it did before surgery. I continue to exercise at home with all of the exercises that I was given at PT and I think that *finally*, the surgical knee is starting to feel better. My surgeon at the New England Baptist Hospital told me that it is a full two years before the knee is completely healed. As of Sept 21st, it will be two years for me. My left knee is painful, but I just cannot imagine putting myself through a surgery like that again! I may have to, but for now, I am just going to try to *live with* the pain! Keep icing your knee every day and do constant bending and flexing of the knee several times a day. Wear a knee brace for support off and on…….not all the time, because you don’t want to get dependent on it. Keep stretching it as much as you can and constantly do quad exercises to improve the strength of your thighs to support your knee. All of my best wishes to you as you go through this………As my dr said to me “It is a very rough surgery”.
So, so true! Keep stretching every day.]
MaryAnn from Boston

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Thank you for reply, I exercise daily. Stretch. Gravity exercises to straighten leg. I tried my knee brace and was told not to wear it. Because I wouldn't use .my muscles. I just can't see ever doing this again if my right knee got bad. I would do everything to avoid it. I amglad your knee is finally doing better. Maybe as time goes on mine will too. I sure hope so.