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Hi @yogawithkimzen, having your favorite doctor retire is always like losing a a trusted friend, isn’t it? It’s so disheartening when the replacement isn’t nearly as attentive or has you feeling disregarded! I had that happen this year myself after my re-entry into the non-cancer world with a new primary care provider. I needed a local doctor to treat the ‘normal’ ailments in life and my new one was a real shocker after my “spoiled for life with any other doctors” treatment at Mayo. I wish every clinic could be like Mayo!

Those of us on Connect aren’t medical professionals so we can't diagnose or treat ailments but we can use our experiences to help provide some answers or at least reassurances. I’ve had what feels like a zillion blood reports over the last 3 years so I can at least look at see what’s in the ‘red flag’ area and what looks pretty normal according to my experiences.

Your platelet level is still under the statistical ceiling of 450 per microliters of blood. The values are usually between 150 and 450 with the average for women being a 371,000 and men being 317,000. So your value isn’t beyond that threshold but at your next year exam just have another CBC to compare the values. The number of platelets in a person's body can fluctuate from different factors such as overall health, infection, injury, and hormone levels in the body.
The lymphocytes at 59, are up a smidgey when generally they are between 1000-4800 per microliters of blood.
And neutrophils are in the normal range of the usual tables. You stated that these levels have been stable for the last 7 years so I’d take that as a good sign.

Most of these numbers are also used in conjunction with the entire CBC, kidney and liver function to give an overall picture of a patient’s health. If you’re not having any symptoms and everything else checked out, your doctor may not have been dismissive so much as letting you know there is nothing alarming on your blood work. That would be time to exhale and enjoy your good report.

Does this help? 😉

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Lori, you give such good advice. My other advice is if you can, get another opinion, that way you can make sure which Dr is a good fit for you. I did that, and in the end found that the first Dr I saw was the one I liked the best.