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Wow, that's wild. It makes me wonder how they found the right prosthesis for you, assuming they discovered the extent of your osteoporosis during surgery. I had a CT scan of my knee prior to surgery, and so the prosthesis was custom made from the CT scan. My surgeon also used the Mako robotic assistant and the prosthesis was also made by Mako. This doesn't mean a perfect fit, but it's close enough and I've had no problems.

It sounds like you may have more issues than just the knee as well.

Finally, you mentioned your left knee is bone on bone. So we're mine. I would suggest talking to a surgeon who uses Mako. Both of my surgeries and recoveries went well.

And please remember to exercise before the operation, and follow the PT afterward rigorously, especially the first 4 weeks.

All the best to you.


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I just had THR and what's bothering me a lot is my knee. It has been said that I need a knee replacement but I got the hip replacement first. The knee swelling after the hip replacement is painful and prohibits me from bending the knee much, more than a few inches and that with intense pain. I'm not sure how fast the recovery should go, and I am seeing the surgeon in a week or two (not sure of date), and wonder now is this a good time to ask for a CT scan? I told him I was having problems with my knee when he examined me, he encouraged me to have the hip replacement, but didn't offer a CT scan. Only a regular x-ray which I had, of course. I wonder just how good that is. He has a very good reputation on healthgrades, and the hospital he works out of, always got the best reviews from personnel, but--I wonder if I should have had a CT scan, and why the knee is so swollen after the hip surgery, yes, it was giving me trouble before the hip surgery but still -- I hope the swelling will go down, like I said it's been a little over a week from the hip replacement.