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MGUS: Please, let me know I not alone

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Hi there, I have been off this chat line for quite awhile. This is a fast explanation of what has been going on. My numbers are stable which both my hematologist and I can only credit the 7 grams of curcumin that I take daily. I also have got the anemia controlled by the b complex injections That I get weekly. I also have a-fib with all the problems that that disease entails. I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and get injections fpr that. I have had had two compression fractures in the last 6 months caused from falls and am now scheduled for a knee replacement on wed. I have IGM mgus. Is this all connected I don't know. However many of us are suffering with the same things. Any onne can send me a message at anytime.

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Welcome back to Connect, @bonniecanby. You'll notice that the community has had a major renovation and rejuvenation since you last visited. I hope you'll poke around a bit. For example there's lively conversation here about A-fib where you can connect with other members managing their condition well http://mayocl.in/29iD8aJ. Likewise here for Managing osteoporosis http://mayocl.in/29cSR8d and other related discussions in the Bones, Joints & Muscles group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/arthritis-and-joint-conditions-268850/?tab=discussions

I'm sure @lisa54 appreciates the update on your MGUS. She recently joined Connect.
I just did a quick review of research regarding curcumin and MGUS. While the studies look promising, long-term side effects are still being studied. It is recommended to take with clinical supervision as you are doing with your hematologist. Do you know how the dosage of 7 grams was decided?

Actually the dosage was is Margaret's corner. I started much lower and built up the dosage to 7 grams. My hematologist is recommending this dosage to some of he other patients. and having good results. I am being closely watched by him.

What is Margaret's corner?