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Hello Anonymous,
What have you done to cause this friction amongst everyone? Are you a victim or are you to blame for what is taking place in your life? Individual need to grow up and stop blaming the world for his or her mistakes. A person who looks in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees needs to try to become a better person. Going through life always blaming others for how irresponsible you have been gets old.
It sounds like people are fed up with you???. You're not a victim. You sound like you have hurt a lot of people in your life and finally everyone sees how ill you really are. Are you in treatment for your issues? If you can read body language you should realize that there comes a time when people lose respect for a person who cannot admit to themselves and others that they have a serious problem.
You will never be happy until you come to terms that you have not done good things.

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Replies to "Hello Anonymous, What have you done to cause this friction amongst everyone? Are you a victim..."

From the hip, off the cuff, harsh, judgmental, talking from your own personal issues, likely hurtful, assuming and hardly empathetic; however, your direct response to this "victim" hopefully seemed constructive, focused, clear, potentially implementable and possibly an insensitively worded example of "tough love." For everyone's sake, let's move to and embrace the latter.

This person is a well known rogue! This person has hurt a lot of people in his life. This person is a sociopath who in order to get what he wants has:
*stated his father died for pity and the father is alive
*stated he was a professional ball player and was not
*Abandoned his own son and has been a deadbeat dad.
*Lied to police and got a loved one in serious trouble and that person was innocent.
*Says hurtful things about his own parents being drug addicts but lives with them rent free
*Lies about everything and when caught runs like a coward
*Likes to live off others and has a longggg history of not working just so he doesn't have to pay child support
*Tried to destroy a woman's career
*Was sleeping with his wife with a knife because it was soothing to him - She's gone couldn't deal with such an animal

Would you like me to continue? When a sick, very sick person does things like this do you really think this person deserves compassion?

This individual is twisted. I believe I know who the writer is and that's why the response was what is was.

However, if I'm mistaken and it's not the rogue then I deeply apologize because I would never disrespect anyone. I just feel that this writer sounds too familiar.

Respectfully, and happy to have awoken!

Are you licensed to give advice? This was a story that came from a group member--the nicest, kindest person. Perhaps the letter from anonymous made you take a look at yourself!!!!! Thus, your reason to vent and "abuse"!!!!!!!! Feel sorry for you. People don't need your nastiness---please seek help for YOU.

As a matter of fact I am. Are you? Honesty & nastiness are different. No need to feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the impact those that may have suffered as a result of a persons inability to live a life free of manipulation and deceit. I feel sorry for victims not perpetrators. You sound bitter. Perhaps you should get help.

Sounds like they know each other. Has 2 be.

You are troubled and it shows.

LOL admitting is step I.