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Neuropathy Pain at Night: What helps?

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I just participated in a 4 week research study at Mayo in Rochester to see if CBD cream lessened neuropathy. I used a CBD cream for 2 weeks and a placebo cream for 2 weeks. Did not know which cream I had which 2 weeks until the end of the study. Happy to say the CBD cream did work for me! Directions were to apply it morning and evening. Now that I have ordered some I find I can apply it once a day and it helps.

Most days neuropathy in hands is so that I can now feel to button clothes and put on jewelry. The tingling in my feet is also lessened. I think sometime arthritis gets in the way.

The cream that was used in the study and that I ordered is CBD Relief Cream from https://nightingale-remedies.com/cbd_cream.php

Data is still being collected so results of research study have not been published. We all react differently to different treatments but just wanted to share this part of my journey.

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Mugs, I think you meant to post the link to the website, not the contact email. I modified your post so that it links to the website where people can read more info.

How interesting to have been a part of the study, @mugs24cancer. Do you know if the study has been published?

Hi Mugs,
I am a long time victim/complainer/seeker of some kind of foot pain relief. The best is CBD/THC cream. I use it morning and night…once in a while during the day as well. I am in PA and get mine through a Dispensary. Not cheap, but works the best yet. I will be using it on my hands as the weather changes. Yes, I agree with you that arthritis is mixed in with the PN. Sometimes it is hard to determine what's what!! I would love the see the final results of the study at Mayo! Hats off to you for going through that.