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Neuropathy Pain at Night: What helps?

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What’s the best medication for neuropathy that starts at night with feet and legs?

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@emilyandersontarr Hi Emily. I have the exact same problem but have never had a solution. Hopefully, some of the Connect members will respond to our dilemma.
The one thing I've done to ease the problem is to raise one leg at a time while lying in bed and GENTLY massage the calf in a downward direction for a minute or two.
I then place the foot of that leg over the knee of the other leg, (which is bent at the knee to support it), and again GENTLY massage the calf of the leg that's resting on your knee. I say "gently" massage because medical advice warns against too vigorous massage of the calf for fear of breaking loose a clot that could cause a stroke.
Gosh, this sounds complicated as I read it over. It's hard to explain in words!
Anyway, Emily, this helps me so I hope it might help you too. I can usually get to sleep afterward.
P.S. I sometimes gently rub lotion or Voltaren on each calf as well, when the neuropathy is particularly bad and it's impossible to get to sleep.
I hope we get some other helpful ideas too.
Warm regards, Laurie

Has anyone tried Metanx a supplement for neuropathy that is folic acid, B vitamins. Medicare won’t pay as it’s a supplemental. Cheapest I could find was $90 for 90 days. Walgreens was $122. Haven’t received or taken it yet. Wondering if anyone else has?

I just participated in a 4 week research study at Mayo in Rochester to see if CBD cream lessened neuropathy. I used a CBD cream for 2 weeks and a placebo cream for 2 weeks. Did not know which cream I had which 2 weeks until the end of the study. Happy to say the CBD cream did work for me! Directions were to apply it morning and evening. Now that I have ordered some I find I can apply it once a day and it helps.

Most days neuropathy in hands is so that I can now feel to button clothes and put on jewelry. The tingling in my feet is also lessened. I think sometime arthritis gets in the way.

The cream that was used in the study and that I ordered is CBD Relief Cream from https://nightingale-remedies.com/cbd_cream.php

Data is still being collected so results of research study have not been published. We all react differently to different treatments but just wanted to share this part of my journey.

Welcome @emilyandersontarr. So many members talk about their neuropathy starting or being at its worst in the evening or during the night. I moved your post to this existing discussion:
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I will keep this short and sweet the ONLY thing that helps me at night and during the day for that matter is good old oxycodone!! Unfortunately when I moved to Georgia from Arizona 5 years ago I lost my Dr. for 20 years. When I got to this godforsaken state. I found out quick that every PCP in Georgia was afraid of prescribing any thing that was a NARCOTIC. So everybody is has to find a “pain specialist”. I’ve been on the same dose for 3 years, I guess they never heard of or understand the meaning of tolerance!! I get 10% of what I received in Arizona. To bad the CDC and the FDA stuck there nose in where it didn’t belong. They already admitted they were wrong on trying to limit opioid prescriptions, but nothing is being done. I’m 67 I don’t want to live like this in pain morning to night. So if you find a good Dr. good luck. If I sound bitter that’s because I am!!