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Prostate Cancer- getting help-questions answered

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My husband’s oncologist prescribed Abirateron (Zytiga) treatment assuring us there was no risk of seizure side effects. Three to four weeks into treatment, husband had a gran mail seizure and was transported to ER. Thankful he was home and not driving, etc. Three of his doctors (oncologist, pcp, and now neurologist) still say this is not a side effect. They don’t like it when we do our own research, My husband has been seizure free for over forty years. He will be having an MRI and EEG just to be sure something else isn’t going on, but it seems the Abiraterone was the culprit. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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I was on Zytiga, and noticed a slight breathing problem which over a short period of time became more serious. When I couldn’t walk one block without feeling a heaviness in my chest I called my nurse and told her I would no longer be taking Zytiga. My Doctor told me that when her patients complain about this problem she recommends another medication. I don’t understand why we all can’t get out in front of the wrecking ball, but that seems to be the way it is. I have been using Relugolix for 11 months with no breathing issues.

Get on Zolodex
Best to reduce testosterone which as you know is the fertilizer for prostate cancer

Get to medical oncology fast
Lots of choices Enzalutimide Doralutimide etc as needed

" Relugolix Approval Expected to Alter Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer

@cilong, having a seizure after 40 years of being seizure-free must've been frightening for both you and your husband. You are obviously no stranger to navigating chronic conditions and I encourage you to continue to do your own research. Patients and family caregivers are equal partners in their care (and they've got skin in the game so to speak.)

Did your husband's care team stop abirateron until they figure out what is going on? What other treatment options, if any, did they offer? Has he had the MRI and EEG to further investigate the cause of the seizure?

I’ve been taking low-dose (250mg/day with a light breakfast )abiraterone for over two years and never experienced any seizure side effects. However, I did experience a moderately increased blood pressure and an increase in blood lipids due to the abiraterone.