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Hi @rosemary 😊
As you know, I am a two year kidney only transplant patient. But I do take Tacronlimis and Cellcept. I am curious why after all these years, they are adjusting your Tacronlimis dosage and Prednisone? What is your current Tacronlimis blood trough range target? Did you fall out of range or was there another reason for the adjustment? ....Also Prednisone change too? I am wondering why the changes now.

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@hello1234, My prednisone was eliminated when the research at Mayo showed that I could. Keep in mind that I hade a kidney transplant - and a liver transplant. It was a simultaneous liver and kidney transplant meaning 2 organs with 1 donor and 1 surgery. My liver and kidney were already compatible before transplant, and that works to my advantage.

My tacrolimus trough level is stable and slightly below the my target trough range. It works well for me and my labs and liver and kidney are doing well. When the tacrolimus was increased in the post that you are referring to, the tacrolimus level had taken a small drop that concerned the person reading the chart. It was a coincidence that the prednisone and tacrolimus were changed at the same visit and that I reacted the way I did.
It is amazing how different all of us are!

hello1234, You asked Rosemary why her meds were changed; from what I understand, post transplant meds are commonly changed over the years. They may lower the immunosuppression meds for example. I think the doses are initially higher right after transplant because that first year is critical concerning rejection episodes.