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Side Effects: Amiodarone vs Sotalol

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Hi @lizzie63, happy to have you. There are several people here on Connect that are taking Sotalol, so I moved your post to this discussion:
Side Effects: Amiodarone vs Sotalol
Allow me to introduce you to @sunny617 who is active and also on sotalol.

Have you discussed with anyone on your care team about the SOB the medication is causing you?

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Where to start. Yes, my cardiologist has been monitoring SOB for some time. Beta blockers have always slowed me down, ditto Diltiazem. Definitely worse now with Sotalol, and she has ordered a CT angio to see whether CAD has progressed, but said that will take months.
Activity is limited by severe OA and joint injuries.
As for Amiodarone, the long term toxic effects seem to rule it out as an alternative; I would like to know more about how that applies in my case. Stroke risk is very high for several reasons and I have abnormal cerebral arteries so the outcome would not be good. I am not trying to be morbid here, these are just the facts.
I am curious about your mention of a care team. What would that look like in this case?

Hi @lizzie63, sorry to hear about your issues. I was on Sotalol, had an ablation and no problems for 7 months, then I was again put on Sotolol. I can't say I am having any problems with it other than my heart rate being a little low. I just wanted you to know Sotalol has been good for me. I feel good and I have lost 50 pounds. I hope you get some answers and find something that works well for you! Take care.