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terrible pain 2yrs after TKR

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Good morning @gertrudes. I am so sorry that you are still having pain after what appeared to be a successful TKR. Thanks for joining Connect. Our mission is to share our experiences so that others can benefit and then go on to help others.

I have had two TKRs. The first one did leave me with bouts of swelling and pain even 3-5 years after the surgery. The Mako robotic surgery last year has been much better. I think the technology today offers more accuracy and less involvement of elements surrounding the surgery area.

I have a couple of questions. Did you do pre-surgery exercises to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, and other tissue? Did you have immediate PT help post-surgery? Mine began the day after surgery and was coordinated with my MFR therapist for handling swelling and pain. I do have to say that I cannot tell I had surgery one year ago and my knee feels like my very own.

MFR, myofascial release therapy, can remove the restrictions in the fascia around the surgery area. The therapist can also move the swelling fluid up and into your pubic area so that it is removed when you urinate. Have you heard of MFR? Here is an introduction to @jenniferhunter. She is our resident expert for MFR and can further explain what happens within your body.

In the meantime, you may also find a Yoga pose called "legs up the wall" to provide some relief. Just google it as there are lots of sites on youtube and the internet. I do this every day during my morning Yoga routine.

After your surgery, did you elevate and ice your knee? That also can help.

May you be safe, protected, and free of inner and outer harm.

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Yes my surgery was same day surgery and I had a nurse and therapy for 2 weeks at home then outpatient and even went in for a second procedure after 6 week check up because he didn't like my ROM but it's still hasn't changed, my ROM is only about 80 and I can't straighten it all the way either, I've iced it and elevated it also