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Side Effects: Amiodarone vs Sotalol

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Sotalol has done a good job of managing my atrial fibrillation for a few months now but it may be blocking the beta receptors in adipose tissue and perhaps the pancreas, as well as in the heart. Amiodarone is the only other AF drug available in Canada if you have CAD and I am not keen on ablation -- and neither are my docs. I am waiting for an endocrinology consult to see whether there is another explanation for the dramatic increase in adipose tissue (without weight gain) and elevated A1C that coincides with Sotalol use. I am also very SOB on Sotalol, and activity is very limited as a result, so deconditioning is also a factor, for sure.Has anyone else had these problems with Sotalol?

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Hi I’m on sotolol too. I’ve gained 10 lbs since the dr increased it and I’m having stomach issues. Dr said if I have an ablation I could possibly get off this med. It helps me from going through atrial fibrillation.

Hi @lizzie63, happy to have you. There are several people here on Connect that are taking Sotalol, so I moved your post to this discussion:
Side Effects: Amiodarone vs Sotalol
Allow me to introduce you to @sunny617 who is active and also on sotalol.

Have you discussed with anyone on your care team about the SOB the medication is causing you?

Might I ask why you and your docs are not keen on ablation. I am on Sotalol for my Afib and find myself very tired because of this drug. With Amiodarone I found my Afib to be under control and no tiredness.