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I have had fibro for 10 yrs. It is cyclic and when I get into a crisis it can last weeks. I get pain esp in my upper neck area which then causes severe headache for weeks. Extreme fatigue. Ensues. I was diagnosed in the fibro. Clinic in Boston mass. The doctor I saw wrote one of the first books about fibrous. When they thought it was a trashcan diagnosis. I do not want to make this about me so if you have any questions please let me know I truly have. Been through. All with fibrous. Jodi

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My. Wife has the similar pain for about 5 in the upper back of her neck.goes into her head. …and sometimes travels to her eye…back of her neck is almost always swollen ..the only thing that has helped has been motrin ..and now that’s not as effective .it has been getting worse. The diagnosis. Is a stinosus in her upper back and neck.. still looking for answers besides over medicating

hi Jodi, i hope you doing good. I haven’t been diagnosed with fibro but over the years i have been in constant pain and all what the doctors ever do for me is pain management, they even went as far as putting me on steroids none since to have helped and am just so tired. Am in Ghana and it looks like no one seems to understand me when i complain.

Hello Ethel , that was the same for me up till now two years later, they say its too knew and they don’t have a lot of studies for it. It also says a lot of doctors don’t believe in it. Anit thats crazy!!!
If I was you I would ask your doctor do he know about it and do he think thats what it can be?

hi Eliz, thanks for you thoughts i guess ill just have to continue searching for answers.