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@auntieoakley I had my first dose in February, but it was a half dose. They hadn't yet given the amount to be used, and I was the first one at the cancer center to get a dose. On 1 Sept I will get my second dose, and it will be the full dose. I had no reaction from the first one, just a bit of a sore butt cheek on one side!

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Our most amazing doctor wants to give it to My Mister. In addition to every available dose of vaccine. Yep, we are in.

Chris, I am a liver and kidney transplant recipient and I take immunosuppressant meds. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. When Mayo notified me that I was eligible to get Evusheld, I did not hesitate to request that it be added to my appointment schedule in May. The timing was perfect for me because I got it when I was at Mayo for my annual post transplant evaluation. I did not have any reaction. I only felt a slight tenderness in my butt when I got up the next day. I did allow myself one regular strength Tylenol before I started my day that was going to be filled with medical appointments.