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I was diagnosed with MRSA after having severe deep tissue wound on heel/foot. After two debridments and surgery, multiple by mouth anti-biotics in hospital then home health to rewrap wound. It has been 6+ months since on-set and it is still infected and not heeling. My legs and feet on both sides are numb and making it very difficult to walk. I believe Home and Home doctor will not refer me to Infectious Disease doctor because they want to continue having insurance pay them. Is there any other way to get a referral to someplace to get help? I have no family here and cannot get to a doctor because of wound. Are they just going to keep me from getting treated until I die? I am very afraid, living in Senior Independent Community and seeing neighbors pass away without knowing why. I am only 66 and have no other diseases, including diabetes. The infection started 8 days after 5 day hospital stay for severe diarrhea. Please help me. I have no one else to ask.

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Oh, Stella, this sounds like a very unhelpful situation. I can understand why you're reaching out to forum members to try and find some solutions to get medical attention.

I moved your post to this existing discussion:
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I did this so you can connect with @tommy22 more easily and read the previous posts. While Tommy's situation is not exactly the same as yours, they may be able to offer some suggestions. @loribmt or @gingerw may also have some thoughts on getting the care you need.

Many clinics where you may be able to see an infectious disease specialist allow for self-referrals. I know Mayo Clinic does. Do you live close to a Mayo Clinic or the Mayo Clinic Health System? Can you provide your state?

@stellalexi2 Can you contact the hospital where you had the surgery, and connect with the doctor who helped you there? Or his practice? Perhaps they will be able to refer you as part of the follow-up. If they are not aware of your current situation, I would think they would want to know there is still a problem.

Living in a Senior Independent Community as you are, check with your social worker there about transportation to a doctor. I think that most offer that as a service, don't they? Another possibility is to contact the Area Agency on Aging or Senior Services as it is sometimes called, for your county. They can offer a wide variety of information and assistance programs. I know from my own experience, they want to make sure we are not left out of care we need, be it medical/social/financial/insurance!

If you do go any distance walking, be sure you are using a walker, or walking sticks to help you keep your balance. Trust me, I know this! I have neuropathy in my left foot, basically rendering it useless [numb to anything] and without helping to keep my balance, I have taken several falls.

Will you let me know if you can achieve any of these possible solutions?