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Hi back at you, I’m in the United States. I have MGUS, a non specific condition that can progress into a number of different cancers, Follicular Lymphoma being one of them. My condition is precancerous as my blood and body determines what cancer I’ll finally get. At present, the direction I’m headed for is a Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My bloodwork shows my B Cells are already involved and mutating, while my lymphocytes are below normal, my neutrophils are above normal. Platelets are nearly below normal while my White cell count is headed upwards. I’ve be diagnosed with Kappa light chain IgM immuglobulin with a level of M Spike at 48.89. I know I’m still in the process of getting NHL with my lymph nodes above and below midline already involved, including the Lymphatic drainage system blocking up.

Since you’ve been diagnosed with NHL, you might be able to clue me in on what I have to look for as my body progresses. I know it must be scary for you, being far from home, dangerously sick, with little resources to rely on. So you can talk to me if you want and we can comfort each other. @becky1024

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Thank you, Becky, for your response. I'm so sorry you may also soon be traveling this path. I'll compare your test results to mine later. The first noticeable symptom for me was a pea sized lump in my groin, which has grown to about the size of a golf ball over the course of a little over 2 months. The first time my regular doctor checked it, she didn't think it was cancer, but requested an ultrasound just to be sure. Well, surprise, here I am carrying not one but two tumors (the other is in my neck).
What scares me most isn't going through this in Sweden or even that it could get the better of me, but that I have a young son who will be witness to it all.