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Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS): Anyone found any relief?

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Good morning I am trying to figure out if I do have bms. My symptoms are nasty burning taste that goes all around my mouth and when I swallow it burns my throat. I hand fillings done and I have noticed I got this when I had them done. As this happen to anyone else please get in touch thankyou.

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Welcome @wmichelle, I hate going to the dentist anyway and to have a nasty burning taste and burning when swallowing after having some fillings has to be just awful. I did find some information on the topic here:

"Can dental fillings cause burning mouth syndrome?
This study confirms the opinion that burning mouth is multicausal. Hypersensitive reaction to mercury was more frequent than expected, but replacement of amalgam fillings relieved burning mouth in only two of five such patients, and one of these two patients had hypersensitive reactions to both mercury and gold."
-- Clinical study of patients with burning mouth - PubMed:

Have you discussed the symptoms with an ENT doctor or your dentist to see if they might have some suggestions?

Hi w Michelle! Have you seen a doctor about your condition? I have gone to my general practitioner,ENT, and dermatologist about my BMS. Your doctor will have you go for blood test to rule out a autoimmune disease that could be causing the Burning in your mouth. I also have had allergy patches done and nothing seems to be wrong. There seems to be two reasons for this BMS. The first is because of a autoimmune problem and the other is very complicated—The doctors are still trying to unravel. I have had my BMS for 2 years on and off but mostly on. When I am at my worse my lips blow up, like I had a bad Botox job and this last for a day or 2 and also my mouth feels like it has been scolded with hot soup and that can last for months. I don’t have the burning throat thank God., Currently, my mouth feels better but my tongue and roof of my mouth are sore. On a scale of 1-10 I would say I’m a 3 and that is good compared to what other people are experiencing. I am currently taking a supplement called Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg which has helped some people. My dentist recommended AO ProVantage which is a Antioxidant dental gel. He said this gel had some good success with healing for gum surgery and extreme dry mouth. 🤷‍♀️ I only started these two things and I know I have to give it sometime..It is very important that you see a doctor who has heard of this condition so you can rule out Autoimmune disease, yeast infection, or bacterial infection. I belong to a BMS support group on Facebook. Now I know you cannot believe everything you read but there are 1,000 ‘s of BMS sufferers that are on this support group. Some you will relate to and some you will not. Many of these people have gone to all kinds of specialist and have gone through all kinds of test and some have found some answers. The conversations a very current but sometimes a little discouraging. This is a very frustrating syndrome but you must stay hopeful and we will prevail 😊