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I’ve been battling MGUS since May 2019 ever since I realized something was wrong with my bloodwork and asked my PCP to do specialized testing. That’s when my testing and troubles began. The wait and watch testing is standard for MGUS. The 24hr urine test is also an important tool in determining how things may be changing. The urine testing is done to check if you are passing the “M paraprotein”.

It looks for an M Spike, an indication that the paraprotein is progressing (not good) and you cells are headed towards a form of cancer, usually Multiple Myeloma or Lymphoma (mine indicates Lymphoma), my older brother’s was MM and died in 1999,. The number to be concerned about is 0.5 gd/L. Above that indicates your MGUS is progressing towards cancer of some kind. My last bloodwork shows my M/Spike was at 0.56 gd/L (not good). It means my bad guys are on the move and mutating. I pretty much figured that out because of all the new symptoms popping up all around my body.

Now for your Kappa, Lambda question. It’s one classification to tell what type of guys your body is making. IgD & IgE are very rare. In descending order in rarity IgG is the most common, IgA is next and then IgM, the rarest of the three and the one I have. In my last bloodwork, my IgM was listed 326 (definitely not good), which is way up past the high level scale.

Another classification is Kappa & Lambda free light chain and the ratio between them. My Kappa light chain is above normal at 48.49mg/dL. (definitely not good). My Lambda is at 19.10mg/dL, average level. My ratio is 2.56(again not good).

So as you can see, my bad guys are building up an army to do battle with my nonexistent immune system. The symptoms I described in another post are the results of my bad guys progressing into cancer, as it destroys my “B” cells, lymphocytes, platelets as it weakens me and devours my body for food and energy while robbing it from every part of my body. Good luck to you, you could be one of the lucky ones who’s MGUS never progresses into anything but scares the he!! out of you. It could start progressing but stop all of a sudden. Btw, I’m almost 79 and in very fragile condition because I was born with multiple rare health defects. Becky1024

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@becky1024 Good for you for staying up-to-date with your blood values! I do the same, and actually keep a spreadsheet detailing the source of the blooddraw and dates, since they are taken both at my oncologist's center and a commercial lab. I keep the range values for each draw location in a separate item, as their processing machines are different.

Being aware of trends in labwork is important to establish where a patient is in a diagnosis, rather than one set of values. I have found this out as we muddle through both multiple myeloma treatment and end stage renal failure [not associated with the myeloma]. Where I am on a chemo cycle affects my labs from the kidney doctor.

Becky I have a MGUS diagnosis and have been to a hemotologist to test for MM. My M(IgM is 349. I saw yours was at 326. I have IgM Kappa type. It's all new to me. I've been doing a lot of research but won't know until March 31st when I see the results from my doc what all this means.