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I would like to know your opinion of the Fibro Clinic. I was just at Mayo last week (May 15-19) and I will be returning July 18 for the Fibro Clinic, among other tests. I cannot seem to locate much information on the web in regards to the Fibro Program other than the pamphlet they provided me. I would love to have any information anyone would be willing to share, as I have been dealing with severe pain for YEARS and have almost lost hope.
Thank you in advance.

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My daughter was scheduled for the Fibro Clinic. We met with the nurses and Dr. Fleming the first morning. Unfortunately she has a very bad reaction to Cymbalta and the withdrawal so they didn't feel she was well enough for the class. The nurses and Dr. Fleming were good to work with. However I still can't comment on the class. I had the same problem trying to find a review. We did do the one hour class at the Education Center at the main clinic. There we did get a copy of the book they use for the class. I don't see any real new ideas that haven't been in other books but we did not benefit from the discussions and the nurses input. So let me know what you think of the clas. Dr. Fleming thinks my daughter could benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has also been referred to the Physical Therapy department to deal with muscle spasms that developed when she was going thru Cymbalta withdrawal. This sure is a frustrating condition to deal with! Good luck

I am very sorry that your daughter is not well. I will not say that I know the feeling because everyone is so very different, however many of the same symptoms we may have. May I ask how old your daughter is?
I am 35, and I have been battleing something for as long as I can remember.
I feel as though I have tried every medication there is, and had a reaction of some kind to each one. Savella was the worst for me.
Good luck to your daughter.
Thank you for your reply, I will post once I attend the class.

Could you tell us the title of the book used in the Fibromyalgia Clinic?

Hi I would like to say ,I also have had bad reactions to the meds.my Dr. has had me try over the past 5 yrs.the only thing that helps are pain meds hydrocodone!And most Drs. don't want you to take those??WHY NOT IF IT WORKS AND HELPS?

I also had a bad time on the Cymbalta,the withdrawal was awfull!

I am so sorry for your Daughter,a young person with this illness,how sad.Hydrocodon 7.5 helps me get threw the day,I only take two a day.You must be carefull with Doctor advise!