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Repeat urinary tract infections: What can I do?

Women's Health | Last Active: Aug 10, 2021 | Replies (39)

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Make sure you’re wiping correctly. Antibiotics can also cause these. Be well my dear.

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Thankfully, the UTIs have slowed down greatly since I began med for FM. I am anxious to read about new treatments that don’t involve medication. Going to check on a FM clinic that is only 1 hr away from me. I am learning to pace my activities and realiize I can’t do all in one day as I used to do! Friends are being understanding-even husband and our grown children!

I don’t know much about the fibromyaligia (sp?) but I hope this can help you with the UTIs.
Won’t bore you with the background but due to Lyme disease my bladder was paralyzed. Still have to self catherize and you may know that this causes more UTIs. Well, my urologist suggested I take THERACRAN (made by Theralogix out of the Pittsburgh, PA area). It has now been over five months and I have to say tht the only difference is my taking this supplement. This brand is different than the crannberry products you can purchase over the counter. This is much, much better-pure cranberry powder–and your doctor can give you a discount # to use when ordering. It costs about $50 for 3 months supply. I take 2/day.
I was frustrated before I found this –so extra clean..etc etc…and really wondered if this product would help. Well, it does! They will automatically send you the next supply unless you tell them to stop prior to the ship date. Excellent, high integrity people there. Can’t say enough nice things about them. If I can be of furyther help, do let me know. Their website is http://www.theralogix.com/
Then select the product you want (in this case Theracran).
It works!

see note I sent to the birdntroutlady./..just started on this and not sure how replies are sent.

You are too cute. Thanks I needed a chuckle.

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