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Repeat urinary tract infections: What can I do?

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I have had idiopathic urinary retention for 12+ years but didn’t have problems with frequent UTIs until a couple of years ago. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Most neurologists are clueless when it comes to helping you with or even diagnosing fibromyalgia. I would recommend calling Dr. Gene Neri at (630) 654-3636. He diagnosed me right away and within a week, my pain started decreasing. Improvement is slow but before that my pain was increasing so rapidly that I thought I would be disabled before the end of 2012. I also go to a specialized physical therapist that helps me stay functional for the most part. I still haven’t figured out the frequent UTI thing but I am seeing my urologist again in July.

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I am so Glad to find someone else who has frequent UTI’s and I also have Fibromyalgia
I also have kidney stones and kidney stones and UTI’s cause each other!! Do U have kidney stones also?

No. I do have a lot of scar tissue on my kidneys and the tubes to my bladder. I just found out the latest attempt to get rid of the latest UTI failed and now the doctor wants me to get a series of shots. This is a first for me.

Thanks! I take a 500 mg cranberry pill once a day now. My gynecological urologist told me to eat yogurt every day. Didn’t say what kind and I eat Greek yogurt. Went on trip without it and did ok. So far so good. I’ll check into the the THERACRAN.

I had a series of shots once; they stung like the devil, but it worked! Good luck.

I have been eating Greek yogurt a lot since before all of this started so I can’t say that this has helped. My primary care doctor gave me Levoflaxin since I was out of town and couldn’t do the shots. I had to stop taking. I significantly evelated my fibromyalgia pain and made even joint in my body hurt. I went to physical therapy this morning which helped on the parts she was able to work on…but my knees, shoulders, wrists, hands & fingers are killing me. I don’t know what they are going to do next.

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