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Repeat urinary tract infections: What can I do?

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Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a line and ask you if you have considered taking a 'dose' of 2 tblspns of applecider vinegar and organic honey in a half cup of tepid water everyday...preferably (for me) on an empty stomach... its a cute as well as a preventive for UTI's... We have 2 things in common...both retired teachers and have fibromyalgia (before they had a label for it! heh! 🙂 Good luck to you!!

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Hi wellcome to our community.I over the years have had UTI'S myself. But I am an aged care worker I work with people who have high care needs, and many get recurrent Uti's . Bettyann's suggestion sounds good and I think that It would definelty be worth a try. Take care Piglit I too am retired from teaching. I taught children gifted and special needs for many years. So we seem to have things in common .

Hey! How about that!! Awrighty then! I also use Golden Seal Root in capsule form...(for UTIs) but it is a very powerful antibiotic herb and always hesitate to recommend it. Has to be the 'root' ...not just the leaves and stems...and it IS pricey. Well, here comes the weekend. At 'your place' it is already, right Piglet?!
Take care!

That sounds great too. Your more than wellcome anytime. I';ll see you in about twenty four hours lol Take care

Really BettyAnn? Good to know thank you....

see the note I sent earlier today to the birdntrouot lady. This Theracran has really worked. Not one UTI in over 5 months. Let me know if you have questions.

I have gastric reflux and a hiatal hernia so I watch the acidity of food I ingest. Thanks anyway.

Oh! Well, I'm glad the UTI's have slowed down. Gold star for that one!! 🙂 Good luck with the other. Have a great day!

Do you mean 2 tablespoons each of both apple cider vinegar and organic honey?