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Hi , did you improve, hows is your vertigo now? I was diagnosed with it in may 2016 my symptoms lasted for 6 weeks and went away for 9 months, then the vertigo came back in March 2017 and never went away even for 1 minute ever since. I have it now for 23 months non stop.It's awful, sickening in the head , feel like drugged or drunk all the time. I get it worse after flying and my symptoms get very bad for 6 weeks after flying. I have a small brain cyst , it's not dangerous and its fluid filled. Other than that no illnesses, checked my neck, had a neck MRI, checked my ears, I was told no inner damage so it's not Meniers disease as I was told in may 2016. So far I have been getting slightly worse every year, have worse tinnitus, worse headaches, more lightheaded than before. I cant take any medication as it only makes me worse. So I'm off everything, curing myself with herbs and fresh veg and fruit juices, stay active, doing yoga, going to accupuncture and massage treatments every week .So far no improvement in vertigo symptoms at all, its still here 24/7. Also I cant drink alcohol at all, I had some months ago over xmas,thought I was gonna die, I was in bad way for 8 weeks after consuming 3 glasses of red wine. And I can't eat too salty food, literally nearly fainting when my meal is a bit too salty, my vertigo gets 10/10 , I get a relief when its 2/10, normally its 5/10 and having bad weeks when its 8/10.

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Hi, @nad28, nice to meet you, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. That is very rough that your vertigo has not gone away for one minute since March 2017. That is a long time to contend with vertigo.

When you mentioned you were diagnosed with vertigo, are you talking about benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/vertigo/symptoms-causes/syc-20370055?

You mentioned you can't take any medication, as it makes you worse. Have you tried a number of medications that had side effects you didn't care to deal with?

Don’t know if you ever got an answer but Check out Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence. Should not be flying if you have sscd.

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