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Chronic Abdominal Pain

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I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in Feb. I have had constant unrelenting pain for a year and a 40 pound weight loss. The doctors are at a loss. They say it is likely neurological and the Gastroparesis a result. The pain is totally unmanageable. What do any of you suggest? The doctors are reluctant to order narcotics. What has worked? Has anyone found that their chronic abdominal pain radiating to the back was related to something else in spite of the failed gastric emptying? I need help before I totally waste away. I had a chest ct and a thoracic MRI (negative). Where they wrong is what I wonder? But how do you get someone to look again?

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For you and many of these other commenters….if you can see a neurologist ask them about abdominal migraines…rare in adults but I have very similar symptoms compared to you all such as unrelenting pain and vomitting etc…and this is what was deduced….

I saw a physician at the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic who uses acupuncture for gastroporesis. Dr. Ronald Reimer. You might give him a call and try this route. It seems to work very well for his gastropresis patients.

Hello,@wtg4heaven, How are you feeling today? This is Jane, or "mamacita" as I am usually known on here. I am a Volunteer Mentor here on Mayo Clinic Connect. Your posting caught my eye, and I wanted to share my story a bit.Perhaps it will help you.

You mentioned the different tests and various things, and the frustration of not knowing what else to do. That can all add up to a very frustrating life. I, too, was experiencing similar symptoms. The pain was so bad, I could only describe it as labor, with no pain reliever at all. You could even feel my abdomen tightening up, and swollen, hard as a rock. At one point it was suggested that I had gastroparesis.
Later on, I switched doctors, and had a colonoscopy done. With my symptoms, the doctor felt I had IBS. Then last year, more tests were done, and he said I also have Diverticulitis. So now, I usually eat Lazy Keto style. I rarely have any symptoms at all, unless I cheat badly on my diet.i also take probiotics every single day. The only dairy products I usually have is a little yogurt or cottage cheese. I am allergic to dairy products.
Hang in there! There are manual exercises you can do to help the gastroparesis as well. You are safe to vent here. Please do! I hope I get to hear from you soon! Love and hugs, mamacita