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I have had this condition for years now and I am just figuring it out now. Self diagnosis through research. This condition for me usually starts late summer and goes through the winter. Usually I get a break in the spring and early summer. Not this year. Worst year ever! That is when I started really trying to figure out what was really causing this. I have had x-rays indicating 4 different problems with my C5 & C6 vertibrae. Previously I have seen dermatologists and had light therapy. Used lots of different creams and steriods and nothing really helped. I recently emailed my doctor about trying Gabapentin after reading that it may help. It is helping a bit, but I'm still suffering. Ice is the only thing that helps, but when you have a break out on both arms in several locations at the same time it makes it hard to ice.

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Welcome, @dll0. Has it been suggested that correcting the issues with the C5 and C6 might alleviate or cure the brachioradial pruritus? Have you tried physiotherapy?

Hi, I write this on behalf of my wife who along with BRP is also legally blind. She says the BRP is worse than losing her sight. She had tried Gabapentin but could not take it. I think she said it made her feel -"dopey" if that's the right word. Being blind she needs the use of all her senses n order to function. She was also told that she should not try the chiropractic route as sometimes they are too rough and could cause more damage. Through trial and error she found her own solution to help her. Primarily it is Capzacin. .But using just the Capzacin (I know I am spelling it wrong) causes a real burning sensation. So she uses a numbing cream by Ebanel with 5pct Lidocaine along with the Capzacin..