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So I see a lot of comments on here that the issue really fires up more why folks are sleeping or in the middle of the night and they can't sleep like myself. I slept in the recliner chair again last night for about 3 hrs before the attack began again. Does anyone have a heads up or a reason why the issue seems to be stronger in the sleeping hours

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I'm going to venture this reply from my experience. I take no pain killers and having had a severe rear end collision that gave me 5 discs ruptured & 2 shoulder surgeries. FOR ME I've leaned that when FINALLY asleep and calm any irritation on the affected Injuries creates a hypersensitivity- so in general you're occupied during awake hours and less likely to succumb until it's bad. Any disc injury that's left untreated gets worse and WORSE. Lifestyle changes help but it's always different for each person….
Neck traction helps me. Walking. Changing pillows in bed….etc
Don't stop helping yourself!!!!!!👍👍👍👍
THIS crap I just had a 4 week lull in symptoms then a long drive is triggering it- I'm flipping livid.
Anyway I've dissected my activity I walk and often walking helps get my body geometry in line- less attacks till I can get surgery.
MUCH love and peace your way.

I MEAN it.