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So I have had my 3rd nerve block in my neck now and the first time stopped the itching and burning for about 8-10 weeks.It stopped both sides from the itching and burning completely after about 10 days. I could sleep in the bed again but since the first one I have had 2 more of the blocks done and nothing happened for the left side. From the shoulder to the wrist the attacks continue and running for the ice still continues. Now I probably have 20 tubes of ointments and cremes laying around here that when I put on the areas where it was itching,that area just went wild and I had to get it off and use the ice to settle that area down. Someone mentioned some kind of CDC oil or ointment or something which I know nothing about. Didn't check into it because I don't need another tube of stuff I can't use laying around going beyond it's expiration date without being used and I don't know where to find any type of test samples so can't give my opinion on using that stuff for this issue.

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Ps- I made the mistake of shaving the hair off my forearm it was so sensitive.
I took muscle relaxers BEFORE bed for a week and that calmed down the spasms and tightness crushing the nerves. ALSO ONLY ICING I STOPPED itching the areas completely. There's a reaction in the extremity WITH rough contact – least contact it started to heal.

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