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Hyperkeratotic "growth" at Mohs surgical site

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Hi Jennifer. I'm so appreciative for your response. Your words and experiences brought me some comfort. Sorry you and your husband had so much to go through but it put you in a place to help others. Thanks for being a mentor.
I've had five surgeries for squamous but this is the first one that has ? come back questionable. I've never been a sun worshiper but guess it does go back to childhood exposure. With all these scars, I'll be using long sleeves and long pants from now on. Things can be worse. I see by your pic that you like horses. I rode for 40-45 years and miss that today. So to use a saying, when you get bucked off, pick yourself up and get back on. The best to you and family. Faye

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@fdixon63 Thank you, Faye. Stay vigilant. The horse in my avatar picture is my old retired Tennessee Walker who was my first horse not too long ago. He helped me rehab with trail riding after spine surgery. I also have a young Tennessee Walker that I ride, and I ride with a helmet and a brim that I made for it by cutting up a hat. I also wear sun blocking long sleeved shirts and sun blocking gloves from Columbia that are for fishing. I also like BUFF gaiters to cover my face. I was a life guard outside in my younger days and tried to stay covered up, but that was back when sunscreen was new and they thought a #4 protection was enough. I did get some unintended sun exposure, but since then, I have stayed out of the sun as much as possible. Thanks so much for your kind words. I enjoy being a mentor and I learned a lot in tackling my own fears, and I like to help others who are experiencing similar things.

Here is my Sharing Mayo Clinic Story and some horse photos.