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Thanks for the update. Wife had surgery – rotator cuff and received a nerve block prior to the surgery. She said it worked for 3 daysthen the itch was back again. Prior to that wife had gone to a neurologist at the suggestion of her Dermatologist. The Neurologist had never heard of BRP and thought the suggestion was ridiculous to check for a disc in the spine problem Even wrote the Dermatologist a not so nice letter. My insurance is changing in January so we may look for a different neurologist.

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So in the beginning all the Drs. I went to thought it was a skin thing but after research it's the nerves in the back of the neck that cause the itching and scratching on the arms. We have that finally cornered down. I don't know where your wife had the block for the surgery but if it wasn't the 7 or 8 shots I get along the back of the neck it probably isn't going to work. Now the next treatment we have talked about is something about doing kinda, the same procedure but they heat up the needles they are using, but a larger needle, while doing the bock and this approach has a chance of lasting 3-6 months. Of course this is all a hit and miss thing because no one really knows how to deal with it. Also the neurologist that I go to, the first time had never heard of it and had to research it also. They say I am their senior citizen guinnea pig. It would be nice if someone or some company did a group study on this here local to me. Because I sure would sign up.
If you have a recliner chair your wife can use, tell her to try sleeping in that and get away from laying in a flat position and see if that helps any. There is also a crème I get off of Amazon that helps I think called Penetrex . At least it seems to help a little and I rub it on the back of my neck several times a day.