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No for anyone with this miserable condition that I have also had for many, many years. I have used all the cremes and the only thing that really relieved it was running for the ice at night till it was numb. So I have found some Drs. that are really helping me with this issue which they have never treated. Where we have gone with this so far is you can treat all the areas you want but it's all in the nerves of the neck so we have found out on a hit and miss thing.
So here's what we have gotten to. They have treated me with a nerve block in the neck which is pretty uncomfortable to get. But I guess 15 minutes of being uncomfortable is worth 12 -14 weeks you can go back to going to bed at night. Ok the first time the first treatment about 14 weeks before it started slacking off. The second time which I am on now is starting to go at 9 weeks. So I go back to see the injection Dr this week and he wants to talk about doing some hot injection block he thinks will last 6 months to a year
So another way I found relief was to get into a reclining position and use a neck collar like you would use in a car or on an airplane. As long as the neck cant lean over or slump for me it seems to be a whole lot better through the night and I still use 2700 mg of Gabapentin a day 900 mg 3x a day
Reading along on the study I hope they can get something done. Try getting the block folks and see if it helps but you got to go to a neurologist to gat it done and a chiropractors not going to help us

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Thanks for the update. Wife had surgery – rotator cuff and received a nerve block prior to the surgery. She said it worked for 3 daysthen the itch was back again. Prior to that wife had gone to a neurologist at the suggestion of her Dermatologist. The Neurologist had never heard of BRP and thought the suggestion was ridiculous to check for a disc in the spine problem Even wrote the Dermatologist a not so nice letter. My insurance is changing in January so we may look for a different neurologist.