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Hello All. First time I am on here posting anything, Looked over the site and I have to say my wife has the same problems that many of you have. She would be typing this but she is nearly blind, so I am doing this on my own. At first it was thought maybe she was Gluten intolerant and after eating gluten free foods for a few months that did not help at all. My wife has been suffering from BRP for I would have to say at least 25 years. It took a long time for someone to diagnose it . Once diagnosed she tried the acupuncture, light therapy and neither of these worked. . Went to about 3 different Dermatologists and two different allergists. Eventually someone said it was BRP. She had a list of chemicals to avoid and a list of products also. many shampoos, soaps, skin creams you name it. We purchased only those items in health food stores and read many labels. So after many cremes, lotions, medications taken by injection still nothing helps. The results are temporary. Add to this my drug plan dropped some of the items she used. So injections were costing the drug supplier 2K a month for 2 injections. These did not help. SO Ilyne decided to experiment on her own. She found that Capzasin ( someone on here mentioned it) worked temporarily for her. That along with Physiogel (recommended by the Dermatologist) only found on Amazon and comes from Asia or Europe depending which vender was filling the request. Those two together do offer relief. Then it was suggested she try Medical marijuana. That did not help other though some of the Derms other patients were successful with it.,

Last night t as I was passing t he bathroom, my wife was putting some medication on and I noticed her shoulders and upper back had so many sores, she had scratched them raw. I told her I would help her, got CBD oil – its only temporary but she said that with the Capzasin seemed to help..

Someone on this mentioned : Saniona announces successful completion of preclinical development of SAN711- I am sending this link to her Dermatologist for his review.

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Mayo Clinic dermatology prescribed ketomine compound lotion for me. It works!!

This is my first time on this site. I was recently diagnosed with brachio radial pruritis although I think I’ve had it for a few years now. My dermatologist prescribed s compound which sort of helps but she suggested seeing an orthopedist for cortisone shots in my neck. I had severe whiplash years ago and am pretty sure my neck is a mess. Does anyone have experience with these shots? I’m hesitant but the itching has spread all the way down one arm and halfway down the other and at times it’s just maddening. (Can’t carry icepacks everywhere.) I’d like to know others’ experiences with cortisone.

Hi @ilyne has your wife's Dermatologist done a biopsy and checked for Grover's disease as well? Many people seem to suffer from several skin conditions at the same time. If nothing else, some of the suggested remedies and suggestions on how to manage the itching could help.