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CPAP Intolerance

Sleep Health | Last Active: Sep 4, 2023 | Replies (63)

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Hi @kudzu, I have had issues when I first started using my CPAP when it felt harder to breathe and it woke me up. For me I think it had something to do with the pressure being too high and I was able to restart the CPAP so that it went into ramp up mode where the pressure is lower.

It always feels better when I take the CPAP mask off. I'm guessing you like yours about as much as I like mine. I tolerate it because I know it reduces the amount of events I have at night. Have you discussed your symptoms with your sleep medicine doctor or care team? Maybe they can adjust the machine or offer some suggestions.

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Hi John;
I’ve had issues for the past year with the apap. Things were going well for awhile then for some reason went awry after I moved to Tennessee. Naturally I worry that the breathing difficulty is a symptom of restrictive lung disease, which it may not be.
Yes, I too have fewer events but if the machine wakes me up maybe it doesn’t matter.
I know how to adjust the settings so maybe I’ll do some experimenting.
I’ve been referred to a sleep dr/pulmonologist here, but can’t see him until August.
I hate to say it, but most progress I’ve made is due to my own tinkering and what I’ve read on cpaptalk.com or YouTube.
I did turn the pressure up after one nurse practitioner suggested it and that helped for awhile but not the last few nights.
I could try turning it down and see what happens.