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@loribmt Lori, that was a terrific response you made to @beardog. As you know, we all learn from each other. We can pick up so much from others who share our multiple ailments and go through the same confusions each of us has. My education here started with my older sister who died of some form of myeloma years ago. I said 'Oh, I am so glad I don't have any of that stuff. ' WOW! Was I ever wrong! I now realize that I have spent most of my life tugging on the triggers (chemicals environmental contacts, extreme fatigue, extreme hot and cold, X-rays,) which now enliven all these ailments and threaten my health and sanity on a daily basis. Myelomas, diabetes, other cancers, cardiac, etc. Oh, well, life is too boring, anyway. oldkarl

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Well, @oldkarl, you’ve literally written the book on the subject(s) so you’re kind of our resident guru for genetics, myelomas, cardiac issues, diabetes, health tips, etc. So, thank you for the complement, it really means a great deal coming from you. ☺️

If you’re like me, we didn’t start out planing on being an inspiration or ‘survival’ guide to others facing what we’ve gone through. But sometimes life leads us down paths we never imagined. If we can help someone over the bumps in their journey, enlighten them or even show there is life on the other side of a frightening diagnosis, then we’ve accomplished something precious…giving hope.

I don’t believe for one minute that your life is boring! 😃