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No, no really. Still awaiting tests before they definitely diagnose problems while my husband continues his weakness and out of breath times

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Hi @beaudog, waiting for a diagnosis and treatment is always such a challenging time. I’m sure you’re both overwhelmed with stress of not knowing for sure what condition he has and what the treatments might be after the diagnosis.

I’m so glad you found Mayo Connect. You’ll find you’re never alone here. There are members who share your husband’s condition and I’ve found some discussions in our forum you might be interested in reading.

First, however, this is what Mayo Clinic shares about Cardiac Amyloidosis:

Below are 2 links to discussions in the Connect forum. The first link is regarding Cardiac Amyloidosis with other members such as @oldkarl who has several replies on the condition. If you read through all of the replies, you’ll find resources with more information.
This discussion takes you to the blood cancer group where there are several conversations regarding Multiple Myeloma. It’s generally a slowly developing blood cancer and that’s why it’s called smoldering…it can take a long time to progress into ‘a fire’ that needs stamping out.


Because knowledge is power, there’s one more link you might find of helpful: Mayo Clinic’s informational page on Multiple Myeloma. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/multiple-myeloma/symptoms-causes/syc-20353378

I know from experience how upsetting getting news like this can be. The best thing you can do is learn what you can about the conditions and then follow through with treatment. But once you find out the diagnosis for certain, you’ll have a lot more questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out because we’re always here to help out and offer encouragement.
How soon does your husband have his next tests?