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I have been telling everyone that I suffer from BRP. My GP suggested that I go to see a Dermatologist, I said “from what I have heard for years is that it is a waste of money” so she suggested that I go to the top Doctor in the field of Dermatology. Even though private it took over 3 months for an appointment. She is 38 yrs old and is a professor of dermatology. I am 68 and have been to many doctors over the years for different medical problems. I have never met anyone who took so much time with me to sort the problem and how much she cared about getting it right. Half way through my consultation she said “you do not have BRP “and after examiining my entire body and did little tests she diagnosed my itching problem as NEURODERMATITIS AND
“To Keep It Under Control “

I have to take ‘Amitryptline’ 10mg at bed time and Two antihistamine tablets ‘Telfast’ 180 mg one in the morning and one at 7pm and I must shower using luck warm water with ‘Aqueous’ cream as a soap substitute and use Silcocks base or Diprobase to moisturize within 2 minutes of towel drying my arms and moisturise several times a day. On the affected areas that have not cleared up on arms and back, use Dermovate until clear (you will be told to use it sparingly) Prof. Said put lots on. I have to see Professor C. Ryan in 3 months time. I believe she will change my life and help me to control this problem. THERE IS NO CURE.

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Thus it sounds like your type of itch is NOT neurogenic………meaning coming from the underlying sensory nerves. I am learning that one possible way to distinguish a neurogenic itch from these other dermatological itches is that after the area is scratched…..15-30 seconds later, there is a burning sensation……..

I am seeing a neurosurgeon from Hopkins next week due to what was seen on my cervical MRI. I am still not sure of this connection but possible there is nerve encroachment in my spine that is affecting the dorsal area of my upper arms.

Wondering if anyone else has a neurogenic itch that is accompanied with this stinging and burning after scratching?

BTW – I am finding some relief from the TKAL cream – specially compounded by the pharmacist – expensive and not covered by insurance. TKAL – us a topical lotion with ketamine, amitripytaline and lidocaine.

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