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Hello! I’ve been doing research on Mozart ear for the last 5 months as my son was born with the ear deformity. He is a twin and his sister was not born with any ear deformities. He was in fact born with a severe tongue tie and has a lip tie as well. We visited the ENT and were told his canal was normal and his hearing is also normal. However, we were warned that he may be at risk of ear infections or potential hearing loss in the future? Our insurance denied molding to be done so now we just sit and wait and cross our fingers that it doesn’t cause problems. I did read that there is a possible link between ear deformities and renal issues. I don’t have any suspicion of that but yes, it does make me concerned for the future. Any input from others would be helpful as there’s such limited information available!

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Never hesitate to appeal any insurance company's first response. I've seen two friends win on appeal with a few doctors' opinion, excellent medical records with all relevant data…and a demonstrated determination to re-appeal if necessary. The easiest first decision is 'no' for anything out of the ordinary. And that usually comes from lower levels in the corporate hierarchy. Appeals get handled by people with authority and ability to make more nuanced decisions. Best wishes for your and sweet little boy!

@sbussnick, he's adorable. Congratulations on the twins.
It's uncanning how similar your son is to @jlyndall's son. I can imagine that you're worried about the future and want to monitor your son's health closely. Preventative medicine is good medicine. You might find this article helpful to know what to look out for:
– Earlier Is Better to Catch Hearing Loss https://www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/topic/default?id=earlier-is-better-to-catch-hearing-loss-1-1722

I'm sure there are many other article online too. I agree with @callalloo that you can appeal your insurance company's first response.

My son has a very similar ear but as of 4 years old he has perfect hearing and never had an ear infection in that ear. So far so good even though several Dr's have had discouraging predictions in the beginning.

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