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I mixed up some diy blends-to apply topically, that ….so far….are giving me some relief….. here they are:

2oz. Witch hazel, Tbs alcohol, and about 10 drops of copaiba essential oil and about 20 of lavender oil

10 drops of tea tree, clove and lavender oil in an oil base of jojoba oil and argon oil

Colloidal silver

Manuka wound honey

Babo botanicals healing ointment from Whole Foods with colloidal oatmeal, Shea butter, aloe – no chemicals or additives

Shear Radiance pure whipped Shea butter with colloidal oatmeal

I am also taking Tumeric orally, twice a day- from Xhile Foods

Tomorrow I go to a physical Therapist for treatment, exercises and maybe a traction device

Also looking for a good massage therapist that does cranial sacral and myofascial and musculoskeletal alignment

I believe that one needs to try to call the skin down with natural products – no chemicals but also treat the C5-6 entrapment, or whatever might be going on with the spinal nerves in the neck. Good idea to get X-rays to determine. I did that and the nerve encroachment was there at the C5/6, which can affect sensation in the upper arms, which is where it is a problem for me.

Will keep you posted.

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@bobbiellen You can find a list of myofascial release John Barnes methods trained therapists at https://www.myofascialrelease.com/ . If you don't find someone near you, call Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ and ask for names of people who trained there. They don't all pay to be listed on the website. You'll need an MRI to determine nerve entrapment and stenosis as X rays will just show the bones and alignment and some arthritis. I had cervical central canal stenosis at C5/C6 and had a spinal fusion at Mayo 2 years ago without added hardware. I stayed in my neck brace until it fused at 3 months. Get as many opinions as you need and look up anything and research papers you find on your surgeon. Get one who's area of interest matches your case, and who only does spine surgeries, and ask how many they have done. Make sure they explain to you exactly where your symptoms come from and how they determined that. They can get it wrong if you have overlapping symptoms with other nerve issues in which case surgery would not fix all the symptoms. I also had thoracic outlet syndrome at the same time as the spinal cord compression. Arnica gel helps pain applied topically. A therapist can also use a cold laser or Dolphin Neurostimulator to calm down symptoms and muscle spasms. This surgery is a big surgery, but for me it wasn't as painful as I expected and the pre-surgery nerve pain was gone immediately when I woke up from surgery.